We had the pleasure of coming up with a custom cupcake flavor for a very cute (and very pink!) baby shower. The mom-to-be had not experienced many “cravings” and she did not have much of a sweet tooth, since she was raised in Lithuania.

One of the main themes in Lithuanian desserts is that chocolates are not very sweet compared to American tastes. Also, one of the things the mom-to-be said was she would always snack on fruit during her pregnancy. Why not combine these two?

We went with our popular chocolate cake, since it is very dark and very light, then filled the middles with homemade strawberry preserves. Then we topped it with our “southern custard” style frosting with some of the strawberry preserves mixed in and a tiny dose of pink food coloring. Not very sweet, but a delicious and creamy dessert – enjoyed by all that attended! Some were even stashing extras in cups to take home!


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