263718_384942028247059_255155948_nCupping Cakes will be out selling delicious cupcakes! Come on out to The Gathering Place Wood-Fired Oven on this Sunday, December 9th from 4pm until 8pm.

It will be an indoor and outdoor event for the whole family! There will be OVER TWENTY food trucks set up out in the parking lot, along with other vendors.There will be live music, as well as food and drink specials in the restaurant. It’s going to be a great time! You can’t miss it!

I’m a big fan of the restaurant, and last month’s mini food truck rally was a great time. I highly advise checking this out Sunday evening. Have a little fun before returning to work!

The Gathering Place Wood-Fired Oven
16319 North Florida Avenue, Lutz, FL
Check out a great review of the restaurant here!

Thank You to Generation Food Truck for organizing this event. Below is a list of trucks as of 11/29.

Not Your Ordinary Food Truck
Rollin Zoinks
The Hogfather
The Dude and His Food
Rennys Oki Doki
The Cheesesteak Truck
Nicos Arepas
Tasty Stacy
Stinky Bunz
Wicked Wiches
Gone Bananas
Hott Mess
Gringo Burrito Box
Mobile Munchiez
A Taste Of Chicago
Just Smokin’
Whatever Pops
Big Momma Donnas BBQ Sauce
Fannies Bakery
Bearss Groves
Ace High Printing
Wagner Events Henna Painting
Cupping Cakes
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