DSC_4481 (Large)Mother’s Day weekend, I made the trek on over to Winter Park to spend the day with my bestie and my mom. We had a great time eating lunch and doing a little shopping, then headed over to:

Shipyard Brew Pub Show Kitchen
200 W. Fairbanks Ave.
Winter Park, FL 32789

Emily Ellyn (of Food Network fame) was hosting a “Baking With Beer” class, and we were all excited to meet Emily and have fun learning about using beer in baking.

We had no idea what to expect, other than having an awesome time. It was quite the experience, and SO much fun. We got to try all of the beers used in the recipes, try all of the foods that were demonstrated in class, enjoy spritzers and just have a great time. I know my mom was skeptical at first, since she’s been cooking for decades, and was sure she knew it all! Boy was she wrong, she had SUCH a good time and learned a lot of new techniques and got some great ideas.

DSC_4484edit2 (Large) I couldn’t pick a favorite thing from the day, everyone had a great day. My awesome bestie asked Emily if she could pose with one of my lemon blueberry cupcakes! Thank goodness I have her, since I wouldn’t have had the nerve : )

DSC_4490ed (Large)And boy did she! I *love* this photo!

The best part? While posing, she started unwrapping the cupcake and tasted it! A girl couldn’t ask for more!

DSC_4492edit (Large)

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